Must-Know Wine Spots in Florence

Must-Know Wine Spots in Florence


Want to know where to find good wine in Florence? After checking out the family-run restaurants we previously recommended, it's time to dive into some genuine, authentic spots. If you're keen to enjoy a good glass of wine, here are some places you can't miss.


La Casa del Vino

One of the iconic places to try a good glass of wine is La Casa del Vino. The name says it all. What stands out about this place? First, the owner – his family has been running the place for over 50 years – is passionate about wine, especially natural wines. He knows a lot about wine and the regions they come from. You'll find an excellent selection of wines personally curated by him, collected from small wineries across Italy. Here, you get quality in the heart of Florence near S. Lorenzo, in an old but genuine establishment. A heads up: don’t expect overly sweet or fawning service. Here, they respect good manners and live-and-let-live, but there are no sycophantic smiles. They enjoy making genuine friendships if you understand the mood... If you're hungry, know that the schiacciate (flatbreads) and other products are mostly homemade and from the Tuscan region, especially the porchetta and salami.

We recommend La Casa del Vino for an aperitivo or a light lunch with freshly made sandwiches. Be aware that there are few seats, so you’ll likely be standing while enjoying your wine or prosecco. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Florence, stop by here.


Enoteca Alessi

This is the newest spot, having opened in May 2024. It expands on their previous wine bar, already a fixture within their gourmet shop that opened in the 1952 in central Florence, beside Duomo, a true reference point for all Florentine connoisseurs. Enoteca Alessi is famous for its selection of delicatessen, cheeses, salami, liquors, and wines, so much so that the best restaurants in the city rely on their selections. If you want to be pampered in a casual environment and drink good wine in a new place rich in tradition, this spot is for you.


Enoteca Le Volpi e l’Uva

Last but not least, we have to mention Enoteca Le Volpi e l’Uva. This place is incredible for its great wine selection. It has earned a place in the hearts of Florentines, thanks to the owners' attention to new wine trends. Over the years, this spot has managed to offer great wines at accessible prices, with the owners passionately seeking out wineries that provide anything but banal wines. To eat, you’ll have to choose from their selection of cheeses, charcuterie boards, or the fantastic smoked trout. It’s a charming place.

Special Mention: Enoteca Zanobini and Babae

Enoteca Zanobini also deserves a special mention, being one of the oldest along with Alessi. And if you prefer a younger vibe, you can’t miss Babae, a spot that opened a few years ago and revived the use of the "buchetta del vino" – if you don’t know about this ancient Florentine tradition, read up on it!