Sentiero shop: our selection, your made in Italy.

Sentiero shop: our selection, your made in Italy.

For centuries, Made in Italy has been synonymous with excellence. Whether in art, architecture, or design, Made in Italy enjoys a well-established international reputation, earned through countless successes across diverse fields. Unfortunately, in recent decades, a global movement has led large industries to relocate. This is not the case for Sentiero Shop's selection.

Our mission is to ensure that products are entirely made in Italy with the attention to detail that has always characterized Italian craftsmanship. We commit to selecting only the finest brands that still work in the traditional way. Often, we encounter masters of elegance and dedication—craftsmen who make their work a life mission. The difference is evident and felt every time you wear one of their bags. Attention to detail, the finesse of accessories, timeless style—these are just some of the characteristics we verify for you.

Sentiero Shop is more than just an online store. For twelve years, we have been located in Florence's historic center, in the prestigious Via dei Fossi 1 red.

We invite you to share in the charm of Made in Italy elegance with us.

Vi aspettiamo a Firenze!

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