Artisanal beer discoveries in the heart of Florence

Artisanal beer discoveries in the heart of Florence

Florence, as known, is a land of wines surrounded by vineyards! In a land completely dominated by high-quality wines and labels known worldwide, it might come as a surprise to know that there are breweries in the city offering the best selections of craft beers produced in Tuscany at km 0. Walking through the alleys of the city center, immersed in the history of the Renaissance, it's possible to stop and take a moment to relax while tasting a good cold beer.

Three venues stand out, located close to each other, offering a significant variety for those wishing to dedicate part of their Florentine stay to an experience outside the usual circuits.

IL BOVARO: Among the most historic venues, just outside Porta San Frediano, is a place where beers produced in the visible fermentation tanks are served. The beer here is truly at km 0. Different types of beers are served on tap. A must-try.

DIORAMA:A little further along, you'll find this pub which has recently been renovated and now offers an excellent selection of foreign beers and some of the best produced in Tuscany.

ARCHEA: Finally, a few streets further, we recommend stopping by ARCHEA for a unique experience. This venue is off the beaten path and therefore frequented mainly by locals, providing an authentic Florentine atmosphere.

All three of these breweries are located in the area of Florence called Oltrarno, where Florentines go for an aperitivo before dinner. So, if you want to experience a bit of Florence, do it while sipping on a good craft beer. Cheers!