Simplicity at its finest: Linylen by Roberta Pieri. Elegance can be essential?

Simplicity at its finest: Linylen by Roberta Pieri. Elegance can be essential?

The bags from Roberta Pieri's new collection, "Linylen," immediately capture attention with their essential design, reminiscent of the brand's motto, "Elegance in simplicity."

It's a contemporary yet classic elegance. An interpretation that, from the sketch, seems to materialize a bag model destined to never tire those who wear it; rather, it appears to have the magic of renewing itself and bestowing new elegance upon its wearer. A casual and light elegance. Indeed, lightness seems to be the keyword for these bags that make up the new line.

Customers stepping into our store in Firenze can't help but wonder if the bags they see are made of paper or linen. They don't understand until they try to touch them. But certainly what they perceive from the first glance is their lightness.

The bags of the Lynilen line are designed for a woman who wants to be effortlessly elegant. For women who work from the morning and return in the evening, facing intense days without sacrificing the quality of their outfit. In short, this line is dedicated to them.

And so, here are the models: Giulietta and Bauletto.

Giuietta comes in three sizes (the mini and the smaller one have a shoulder strap) for a classic line in three color combinations: beige, beige with dark brown trimmings, and beige with white trimmings. The Bauletto, in the larger and medium sizes, serves as a suitcase, while in the mini version, it takes on the portability of a true crossbody bag with a shoulder strap. In conclusion, Roberta Pieri's new line is destined to offer a new interpretation with its contribution to the concept of contemporary elegance.

Roberta Pieri's "Linylen" collection stands out for its elegance, combining simplicity with contemporary flair. The lightweight and versatile designs cater to the modern woman's need for both style and practicality, offering options suitable for any occasion. Whether it's the classic sophistication of the Giulietta or the functionality of the Bauletto, these bags are designed to complement every aspect of a woman's busy lifestyle. So why not experience the magic of "Linylen" for yourself? Elevate your everyday elegance with Roberta Pieri's latest collection and make a statement wherever you go. The concept under these bags seems to whisper to you: "Oh come on! You are an elegant woman; love yourself!"